Amazon: destroy the artists…one click at a time

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on January 14, 2008 by gretchenreadit

The best part about attending art school?

My Amazon Prime subscription.

I doubt the sum number of books I’ve owned before starting school comes close to the number I’ve purchased since.

Hello, Mister Postman! What’s that, you say? A delivery, for ME? Well, thank you, Mister Postman! You just don’t know how good you make me feel, well, with your little blue outfit and such…would you like to tour my fort?

We stand together, yes, those of us who buy products for the labels, the bottle’s shape, and the color scheme. We enjoy pretty books that seem to tell us the same exact things, but look good on the bookshelf, organized by color. Amazon’s superb user interface was created to destroy us. What’s that, Amazon? I just click there? There? And it’s on its way? No cart, no checkout? Just one click? But, how did you…I…